Surveillance Services
Surveillance Services

Surveillance Services

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Our team of Private Investigators are professional and experienced, with ability to conduct surveillance on the person or people you require to be followed. Whether it’s a matter of infidelity, or an employee simply doing the wrong thing, or if evidence needs to be collected regarding a persons behavior; whatever the reason, we can follow that person and obtain the information you require.

Your purchase will entitle you to a Surveillance Operation, which includes:-

-eight hours of agent time

-pre-surveillance searches

-dedicated surveillance time, conducted by senior agents

-kilometers and other costs involved

-phone calls, field visits, letters and correspondence

-report on your matter including audio and video where available

Rest assured, we will do our absolute best to follow that person and obtain the information required. You deserve to know the truth. And they will never know they have been under surveillance.

*This can also be purchased as a gift for a friend or loved one.